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The Imaginary ® is a thrilling new musical about love, loss, friendship and of course, a little bit of imagination.

After the recent passing of her father, Amanda and her mother both struggle to piece their lives back together. Feeling alone, confused, and an outcast, Amanda tries to cope with her loss in the only way she knows how; her imagination. 

Suddenly, Rudger appears and becomes Amanda's best friend. The two are inseparable. However, Rudger doesn't exist but nobody's perfect. Rudger struggles to find his place in a world where imagination is


The pair quickly realize that only Amanda can see her imaginary friend. Until, one day, he is seen by the wrong person. Someone unusual. Someone who hunts imaginaries and they've sniffed him out.

Soon Rudger finds himself running for his imaginary life, without Amanda by his side. Determined to reunite with her again, Rudger does what no imaginary has ever done before .

Based on the novel written by A.F. Harrold and Illustrated by Emily Gravett.




© The Imaginary - Musical